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Virtual Reality (VR) Experience

YES! We are bringing you the virtual reality experience!
We will start with a quick intro to VR as a technology and how it's being used for education, medicine, tourism, art etc.
Then the real fun begins! You will take turns by picking one of these two options:
BEAT SABER - Use lightsabers to slash the beat in this musical rhythm game!
TILT BRUSH - Draw and paint in 3D using stars, fire, rainbows... Endless possibilities.
The big screen will be installed so that everyone enjoys!

When: Sunday March 1 between 5:00 and 8:00 pm
Where: Aleph B
Fees: 8.000 L.L. for 10 minutes.

Food and drinks will be available for pocket friendly prices.

For info, please contact us on 01292082 | 03002068 | 03002069

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