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Art on 56th is pleased to announce Visitors in the Presence of Neutrality, a solo-exhibition of works by Syrian artist Hasko Hasko. Born in Afreen, Syria, in 1973, Hasko Hasko is a painter who focuses on nature, animals and mythical figures from Mesopotamian cultures. His canvases contain multiple layers of narratives, which mainly focus on the dichotomy between childhood memories and present sensibilities. By exploring the cultural folds in memory, Hasko Hasko trumps his viewers’ with hidden tales that unfold with proximity to the artwork.

Hasko Hasko is as original and unique in his style as his name. The works in Visitors in the Presence of Neutrality are autobiographical and describe the duality of the artist’s personality: his both animalistic and human qualities. His spacious canvases express the curiosity of youth and the wisdom of experience and apprenticeship. Hasko Hasko’s paintings reveal a primitive element, depicting archetypal forms and childlike objects in the “Art Brut” style. His expressive use of color and blurring of chromatic areas produces an illusion of motion and of flux, capturing the simultaneous unraveling of his narratives. He creates beauty amidst the tumult of abstract forms. The artist collapses space and eliminates hierarchy in his oeuvre, removing focal points and pushing his composition to the edges of his canvases. Hasko Hasko also plays with the idea of tactility, weaving fabric to paint and combining the act of molding a sculpture to the flat surface of his painting. Creating patterns, the artist’s hand and his instinctual process become central to the composition, while layering memory with constructed fiction and reality with the imaginary.