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Visual Art Forum III

Organised by LAPS - Lebanese Artists Association for Painters and Sculptors.

The Lebanese Artists Association for Painters & Sculptors (LAAPS), founded in 1952, was officially registered 1957 under the name of "The Painters and Sculptors Society”. It was given its current name within the framework of the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts (1958) as a union and an advocacy group to promote and claim for the organization of: • Galleries • National institutes of fine arts. • A cooperation with the Ministry of Education through the creation of an “Agency for the Promotion of Culture and Fine Arts”. • Organization of an Annual Exhibition: Le Salon Du Printemps, and Promotion of the Lebanese Art outside Lebanon. • Organization of many exhibitions for international artists… The Association membership includes the majority of Lebanese artists, currently, around 200 artists practicing Painting, Sculpture, Assemblage, Calligraphy & Arabesques, Photography and New Media art, pottery and Glass artists…

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