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3 days extensive workshop for your Voice Matters conducted by internationally acclaimed Singer, Songwriter, Actor and Vocal Coach Mike Massy

26, 27 and 28 June 2019
6:30PM to 10:00PM

Voice expression has an intense relationship with communication, and a strong therapeutic effect on body and mind.

Conducted by Vocal Coach, Singer, Songwriter and Actor Mike Massy, This workshop is a journey to discover the mystery and the story hidden behind each one's voice print by using a combination of a purely Technical aspect of the Voice in a very Physical approach, with a Neuro Linguistic Programming, Group Voice Therapy discussions, and Affective Memory for interpretation.
It is a technical and emotional voyage that will lead you to meet your voice by seeing/hearing yourself in a new perspective, while reproducing the sounds and images that you feel when expressing your emotions, and helping you connect your intentions with your body movement and your voice.


The essential topics of this workshop will be:

+ Voice mapping
+ Breathing Techniques that are used in Singing, speech, acting, meditation, yoga, saphrology, relaxation and voice therapy
+Massage and its benefits on Voice
+Relaxation exercises
+Practical Warm up exercises
+ Diaphragm and Compression
+ Larynx and Voice
+ Voice and embouchure
+ Vocal modes.
+ Voice and resonance
+ Alexandre Technique and Practice of good posture
+ Voice and movement
+ Body awareness
+ Voice and Gravity
+ Voice and Emotions
+ Vocal improvisation.

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