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Get ready to welcome 2019 with this Vocal Technique workshop!

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This workshop is a journey to discover the mystery and the story hidden behind each one's voice print.

It is a technical and emotional voyage that will lead you to meet your voice by hearing yourself in a new perspective, while reproducing the sounds and images that you feel when expressing your emotions, and helping you connect your intentions with your body movement and your voice.

Singing and Speaking are only a very small part of how you can express with your Voice.
Voice has so many layers and emotions, and there are many unsaid things hidden in every sound you hold in your voice and body.

Humans can naturally then project huge and miraculous sounds using their voices, only if they let go of their emotions and barriers. Voice expression has an intense relationship with communication, and a strong therapeutic effect on body and mind.

We believe that vocal development begins with mental clarity and awareness. We believe that awareness of the body is vital to vocal expression and that it can be learned by anyone.

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3 days extensive workshop for your Voice Matters
with Mike Massy
14, 15 & 16 January 2019
6:30 PM till 10:00 PM
Fees: 180$
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please contact +961 71 220627
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