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Do you have public speaking anxiety?
Are you too shy to speak up your mind?
Do you have a tendency to raise your voice and get too loud but nobody can really hear you?
You are a talented actor but your voice is holding you back on stage?
Are you a teacher and having a problem with your voice?
Do you hate your voice?
Your voice does not suit your personality?
How can you sound interesting?

Voice Matters
3 days extensive workshop for your voice matters with Mike Massy

22, 23 & 24 February 2016
7:00PM till 10:00PM
Fees: 280$

Vocal Warm-Up exercises
Healing Vocal exercises
Body muscles relaxation exercises
Posture alignment correction
Breathing secrets
Voice resonance and projection
Pitch exploration
Public speaking tools and techniques
Listening and hearing
Vocal psychology
Vocal health maintenance and advice
Participants presentation of a 2 minutes text each on stage expressing their full voice capacities.

For more information or registration, please contact 03374361
or email

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