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Wander-full Tripoli

From Souks, to Hammams, to Mosques, every Thursday, this walking tour will take you to the heart of Tripoli's History and stories, meeting some locals along the way, and of course, tasting some of the famous sweets the city has to offer.

Regular wander-full walking tours will now be offered by Tourleb, in collaboration with Alternative Tour Beirut and 33 North, during which you will enjoy the authentic blend of Tripoli's different flavors and architecture - a blend of Crusader, Mamelouk and Ottoman.

Tripoli is one of the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world, and as a multi-layered city. It is one of the country's unmissable stops, where modern and ancient blend easily into a metropolis land of co-existence and diversity. It is one of the country's most authentic cities, once the 2nd runner up to be the Capital of Lebanon, a thriving city, with many nicknames, such as: Al Fayha', the bride of the Revolution.

Price: LBP 65 000 / person
Includes Guide, Tourleb, Entrances fees (if needed), 1
sandwich, 1 shared dessert
RSVP + 961 70 48 45 45

PS: Transportation will be charged separately.
Price depends on number of participants.

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