This event has passed.

The Peugeot Sport Lebanon "We care event"

*Gathering point : ABC Dbayyeh
*Time: 9:45am.
*Depart: 10:15am MAX

First activity:
*Heading to Deir Mar Sem3an Wadi Al Karem " Baskinta" to meet the Orphans
*Basic needs and candies will be distributed to 65 child
*Cake and Juices will complete the celebration and make their day along with some entertainment activities organized by group members.
This stop will take around 2 hours.

Lunch time : Sanine Village Bekish " Baskinta" 20$ per person with full menu set.

After Lunch heading will be Wardeh " Farayya" where there will be a Yasa lecture on driving skills and road safety, where each member will have the chance to experience the thrill, and same time learn about safety. their car limits, and how to handle in case of emergency.
a competition will be organized where the winner will get a 100$ parts voucher from Peugeot.
All members will get the chance to test drive the amazing new Peugeot 208.