This event has passed.

"We're Lovin' It"

An exhibition by The 6th Floor Collective
-Tarek Salhany & Polly Phipps-Holland-
From Nov 2 to Nov 25

Our current social arrangement is taking its toll on the world we live in as well as on our selves.

Capital exploits and runs our life-forces to the ground, extracts value from our personhood, zombifies us, pollutes and degrades our minds and very being, shortens our attention span, and limits the parameters of our imagination and our capacity to think up better worlds.

We blindly trudge through the landscapes of late capitalism among the piles of rotting rubbish and putrid waste it discharges and the ruins it leaves in its wake, a planet scarred by the devastation it wrecks upon it and scorched by the never-ending wars it wages. But we’re too busy looking for the right emoji to even notice that we too are being burned and consumed.

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