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A challenging, fast-paced Vinyasa flow class. You will bend, twist, and turn upside down, accompanied by a rousing soundtrack of eclectic tracks. This dynamic class builds strength, increases flexibility and places particular emphasis on alignment.

LATE EVENING CLASS Caters to students with a regular practice. Beginners are welcome provided they work at their own pace. Duration: 90 min

Since her first trip to India at 21, Pip has found joy in yoga around the world. She brings playful discipline to the mat, creating intelligent sequencing that builds heat and encourages her students to defy their own expectations. Whether it’s studying Iyengar in India, practising in Jivamukti’s studios in London and New York, or completing her 300 hour Vinyasa Flow training in Bali, she draws upon a number of methods to create her own style. When not found upside down, she writes and edits magazines.