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Wellness and Mental Health Week

The Wellness and Mental Health Week event comes in alignment with UA establishing a mental health strategy, in partnership with the Lebanese Ministry of Health.

To promote a holistic approach for a “healthy university”, this event will tackle three major objectives:

- Increase mental health awareness and promote resilience to cope with mental health challenges.
- Explore the different dimensions of wellness, as identified in the wellness wheel and apply practical tools to enhance their overall quality of life and resilience, at university and at home.
- Encourage student and staff-lead initiatives that support well-being in the academic community, all year through. Enabling them to act as wellbeing leaders, in the society at large.

Our larger vision is to create a “Culture of Wellness” that starts from the individual to embrace families, communities and the society. At an individual level, we would invite each member of the UA family to explore and grow his/her talents, connect to his/her mission, and expand his/her network to incorporate the Eight Dimensions of Wellness into their lives, as part of a holistic lifestyle.

At a community level, UA members’ will be empowered to collaborate within and outside the university, to increase the number of homes, schools, communities, workplaces and other settings that seek to create conditions to support wellness.
Enjoy this first edition of the “Wellness and Mental Health Week”, which will become part of our yearly traditions.

We wish you an uplifting wellness journey!

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