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Dear HIKINGO hikers and friends,
As we all know, the weather is getting hotter and that means it's time to start working on your tan. Well this summer, why don't you forget the beach for just one day and take part in today's action: Whitewater Rafting Adventure on the Al...-Assi River.

Come and join HIKINGO to discover Lebanon in its wildest form. Calm or boiling, the river breathes. Whitewater rafting is an outdoor sport that seduces nature oriented people as well as seekers of the ultimate. It is an ideal water sport for families too; for it combines sports, adventure, with a lot of fun and excitement. You'll laugh, you'll scream, and you'll definitely get soaked!

Experience the thrill of Whitewater rafting on the Assi River. Join Assi River in an adrenalin rush that takes you down the highest commercially rafted waterfall in the world. Fast and furious, this exhilarating ride moves you through foamy water and over the awesome three meter drop.

This adventurous experience starts on July 7, 2012 with an early 7:00 am departure from the alfa meeting point. The bus will ride to the river. We will stop for a healthy and traditional Jebneh & Labneh baladeh breakfast at badiha Massabni in chtoura. After that, the bus will continue driving down to the river. Upon arriving at the destination, you will receive a brief crash course in river safety and participate in some warm up activities to ensure your muscles are ready to battle the rapids. After a briefing by the raft instructors, you will engage in a ride through breathtaking scenery. Each person will receive a life jacket, a helmet and paddles. Remember however to bring your tennis shoes, long sleeve shirt, a bathing suit and a towel. (we did say you will get soaked)
The ride is approximately 4 km long; you will follow the white stream for "roughly" 2 hours and a half and cross some waterfalls that will surely pump high your adrenaline.

Dear HIKINGO hikers and friends are you ready for Rafting!!!!!!?????
More and more people are now enjoying Rafting. Rafting doesn’t need any previous experience, just gather your friends and live the magical adventure. White Water Rafting is a fun and exhilarating experience for you and your family or friends.
If you haven’t tried it yet, you are missing one of the best adventures out there.

So don’t think, don’t hesitate. Sun yourself; enjoy the adventure of Assi River; give yourself a break in one of the best rafting club in Lebanon.

We will spend an amazing day and live a wonderful experience with professional guides. Be there with HIKINGO on July 7, 2012!!!!!!

Remember Smoking is not allowed.

Meeting Point:Alfa (Furn el Chebbak) under the bridge, near Dunkin Donuts.

* Meeting Time: 6:30am

* Departure: 7:00am SHARP

* Return Time: 6:00pm

* Required Material
• Hiking Boot
• Hat
• 2 Liters of Water
• Back Pack
• Sunglasses
• Sunscreen.
• High-calorie quick-burn energy food, Healthy Sandwiches, dried fruit, candy, fruitcake, nuts, cookies.
• Pair of shoes
• A water proof suit will be needed in case of rainy day

* Fees: 60000L.L. (the fees include transportation trip, rafting guide, life Jacket, Helmet and paddles rental but don’t include the insurance).

•NB: bring your ID insurance with you.

* Reservation:For reservation , please call or sms Mr. Georges Nohra at 03-469255 Before Wednesday June 27, 2012 , 2pm.

* Remark : HIKINGO team will rent the life Jacket, Helmet and rafting paddles , so kindly AVOID LATE CANCELLATIONS, otherwise unfortunately you will have to pay the rental fees (20$) even if you don't join us.

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