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Wild Plants For Wellbeing
Lectures & Lunch

Since 2002, the nurture of aromatic and medicinal plans has been the focus of the JABALNA Association
and the Chouf Cedar Reserve. Activities have been held in the Village of Maasser el Chouf to raise
awareness about their importance.
Of Which:
- 2002: An activity was organized under the name of “Gardening & Aroma Therapy”
- 2010: International Phytotherapy Conference held in Beirut. From which a day trip emphasizing
the importance of Medicinal plants was organized to the Chouf Cedar Reserve,
in collaboration with the Order of Pharmacists in Lebanon.
- 2013: JABALNA Festival was dedicated to the uses and maintenance
of “Medicinal and Aromatic Plants of Lebanon ”
- Since 2014: Rehabilitation activities of ecosystems in the Chouf Cedar Reserve,
especially neglected agricultural land, have been developed in a unique way which contribute
to the positive effects of climate change.
In addition to the development of the above, the JABALNA Association and the Chouf Cedar Reserve in
collaboration with the Municipality of Maasser el Chouf are honored to invite you to participate in an
Environmental Day entitled

“Wild plants for WellBeing”

The aim of “Wild plants for WellBeing “ is education, including the identification, protection and the
sustainability of “ Wild Plants” and to increase natural habitat for insects.
Visitors can enjoy to lectures, workshops, cooking demonstrations, botanical trails Native plants of
Lebanon Exhibition, Souk el Chatel, plus taste Local Mountain Cuisine in the clean spring mountain air.

Learn about the health benefits of wild plants
Visit the mobile "Green Hand" botanical garden
Join the guided botanical trails
Participate in the gardening workshop
Purchase plants and flowers at souk el chatel
Attend cooking classes using wild plants
Discover the herbal lab and taste local mountain cuisine

info: 05350251
Free entrance

Activities for kids also available.

For more info:
Yola Noujaim
JABALNA Association
info: 05350251

04 / 717999

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