This event has passed.

Winter Rooftop.7 Opening

Heart greetings to everyone

We will open the energy at 7 PM till 8 PM with law of attraction channeling meditation ( opening gift class ) kindly confirm your seat for it 💚😍

8;00 to 9;00 law of attraction guided meditation

9 India retreat presentation with Mohammad & MONIQUE

and than you can enjoy your night & every night for one week 50 percent discount

Yes yes we did it 💚💜❤️

The Rooftop.7 will continue in winter ❄️

New energy , new design , new program , movies night , games , fun & love .

We would like to invite you on November 29 of 2018 to Celebrate with Us the winter decorations & Christmas same place at the House OF Healing Sodeco Saker Building this time we will open all day from 10 am to 1 am

50 percent discount for the first week of the opening on all our menu including Shisha 💚

Please join us in open heart to enjoy our services & energy 🥗.

Please note we are still open at the current rooftop you can join us please call 81/759923 for booking and information

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