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Winter Solstice in Primitive Expression

The workshop offers a space and a time for expression, for listening to the body, and for inspired dancing with live drum vibrations.
The Dance is a way to be, and not only to move, in a fluid relation with the music and the group. We will be remembering Her origins, as a way to understand both ourselves and the Cosmos.

The Expression Primitive uses exercises, games and improvisations through creative movements and the use of the voice, our first instrument, to create a final collective dance.
Come just with your presence, which will be the grain of your dance

Alice Mattalia has began her research into the movement, body language and dance, ten years ago. She has an academic background in social education and continued with training in dance therapy and the primitive expression, in Paris. She has continued her exploration through contemporary african dance, specifically in the ritual dances of Benin. She is a member of the International Dance Council CID UNESCO and believes in the nature of Dance as Human Expression rather than performance.

This class will be accompanied by Live percussion performed by Ali Hout, professional musicien.

The workshop is offered to the public as Karma Yoga.
Donations are welcome, but not obligatory.

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