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  • Saturday from 06:00 pm until 09:00 pm, Feb 15 2014
  • Every day from 11:00 am until 10:00 pm, Feb 16 2014 to Mar 15 2014
  • AltCity - Hamra
  • Exhibitions, Arts & Culture

A photography exhibition by Fernanda Paredes at AltCity from February 15th till March 15th with the collaboration of the Mexican Embassy of Beirut.

A Reception with Fernanda Paredes will take place on Saturday February 15th from 6 to 9 pm at AltCity, a short movie about the "Wixaritari" will be screened at 7pm

You are invited to come and discover the history of this small
ancient society and discover their rituals, beliefs and heritage.


“The Healing People.” as they call themselves

For centuries, hidden away from the modern world and protected by the natural barrier

The mountains afforded, the Wixaritari have performed ceremonial rituals they believe heal the Earth and keep nature balanced.

They are one of the last pre-Hispanic alive cultures in Latin America, despite the Spanish colonization and the advance of the Mexican society, they have kept their culture, rituals and their ancient way of living.

Huicholes teach us that man must be a guardian of the Earth, he must feel in his heart the pain of the wounded animal, the crushed blade of grass. For all souls are linked.

The universal life force kupuri, flows through all nature's creations. And when man destroys nature, he destroys the finest part of his own being.

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