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.... Following the White Rabbit


Recurring dreams of White Rabbits? Come down to MULLIGANS Thursday the 11th of October to see the venue transformed into the backdrop of Alice's Wonderland hosted by Tweedledee and the Red Queen of Hearts. There will be a Mad Hatter, Cheshire Cat, March Hare, Rabbit and Alice at the door. Get lost in our Wilderness but leave your Jabberwocky and Magic Mushrooms at home for we are celebrating Frabjous Day.

------- $7 Magic Punch and $3 Upelkuchen jello shots-----

----And if it makes me grow larger, you can reach the key; and if it makes me grow smaller, you can creep under the door; so either way you will get into the garden----

To add to our amazing pre-midnight specials, we have added some new Soda drink specials for after the midnight hour.

Introducing THE:




Psychedelic Music by :

DJ Tiger-Lily & DJ Daisy

Drink specials all night.

Tel: +961-746630

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