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  • Tuesday Jun 18 2019 from 09:00 am until 04:30 pm
  • Thursday Jun 20 2019 from 09:00 am until 04:30 pm
  • Saturday Jun 22 2019 from 09:00 am until 04:30 pm
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WORKSHOP - How to Plan Projects with Microsoft Project Software

The three days workshop covers all aspects of project planning using Microsoft Project Software. The most suitable manner to learn MS Project is to learn it from a practicing professional who uses this project management software for his own projects and the projects of his clients.

The workshop is based on teaching the participants how to plan projects using MS Project and not just how to use the facilities in the menus of the software tool. A step by step framework for planning projects is followed that applies all features of Microsoft Project.

The attendees will be trained on Microsoft Project 2010 (or later) and will learn the following:

1 Plan your Project in 6 Stages
2 Setup a Generic Project to Pre-View the Facilities of MSP
3 Create and Use Templates
4 Configure Options in MSP
5 Use the Global Template to Share Components
6 Setup the Parameters for a New Project
7 Manage Project Calendars
8 CASE PROJECT: Prepare the Project File and Calendar
9 Customize Views and Tables (Tasks/Resources)
10 Create and Run Macros
11 Setup the WBS by Creating and Grouping Tasks
12 View and Customize Reports in MSP
13 Schedule Tasks: Enter Task Duration
14 Schedule Tasks: Manipulate Task Dependencies
15 CASE PROJECT: Setup the Schedule
16 Define Resources: Work (Work and Equipment)
17 Define Resources: Material
18 Define Resources: Costs
19 Assign Resources to Tasks
20 Manage Cash Budgets via Cost Resources
21 Analyze Assignments: The Task / Resource Usage Views
22 Use the Work Formula to Adjust Assignments
23 Optimize the Project: Reduce Duration and Costs
24 Handle Multiple Projects

The workshop consists of more than 75 workouts to be completed in class covering the subjects listed on the web page of the book.

NOTE: Tracking Schedules, Costs and Earned Value is quite complex and there will be no time in this workshop for tracking actual work and will be covered in a subsequent 2 day workshop.

1) Bring your laptop with Microsoft Project (2010 or later) downloaded. If you can not download please call us to arrange.
2) Ensure that you have Microsoft Office 2010 or later.
3) Ensure you have a PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat.

Al-Assi Consulting & Associates in collaboration with the trainer Eng. Akram Najjar who is a Business Technology Consultant and an Electronic Engineer from AUB. Mr. Akram published a book on this topic, please ref. to this website

Who Should Attend?
Any persons involved in the following would benefit: Engineers or TQM projects,advertising campaigns, marketing personnel, launching new services, products, or departments, contractors, training planners, preparing for mergers and acquisitions, IT projects, Project Leaders & planners, operations Managers, auditors, Financial Controllers and directors.

Fees and Registration
$500 including handout, exercises and templates, a certificate, three refreshment breaks. 10% discount for registration before June 8 and for group more than 2 persons. 20 % of the fees (or $100) to be paid upon registration.

03-241 749

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