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Workshop on Technical Writing for Business Professionals

The workshop is offered by Quest Education. The Instructor is Akram Najjar.

The workshop is aimed at the professional whose job requires a fair amount of writing. It establishes writing as a process with good practices and standards. It covers such aspects of writing as how to know your readers, how to write effectively and efficiently and the critical practice of structuring documents.

The workshop also presents practices that allow the writer to write persuasively and to argue logically. Writing skills are improved via various practices such as critical reading ability, investigative techniques, improved use of language and implementation of writing standards. Improving the writing process is also addressed in this workshop.

The workshop consists of various workouts and will leave the participants with a variety of templates and supporting material.

The instructor has written a book on technical writing. This will be offered to those who register. (Follow the link below).

1. Introducing Technical Writing and its Basic Terminology
2. Know Your Readers
3. How to Write Effectively
4. How to Write Efficiently
5. How to Structure Documents
6. How to Write Persuasively and Argue Logically
7. How to Use and not Misuse Language
8. How to Improve Your Writing Skills
9. How to Improve your Writing Processes

The workshop is offered at $550 and can be booked at the above website (Quest Education)

Tel: 00961 01 331 225