This event has passed.

This is a historic time in our country and there is a lot going on. It's also an opportunity for us like-minded creatives to get together and support one another. We will use this writing day as an open discussion forum - to give each other tips on how to EXPRESS ourselves about the revolution - ways to COMMUNICATE on social media, blogs, the press so that our voices can be heard - or just to be able to have the EMOTIONAL strength to carry forward.

Afterwards, I urge you to walk to the peaceful protests in Downtown. I'll be with you.

Thank you, Nadia (writer, founder of fadein)

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OFFICIAL WRITING DAY (Text below) is postponed indefinitely.

It's been too long and finally, our most popular event is back!

WRITING DAY is the only networking event for aspiring writers in Beirut! Founder and writer Nadia Tabbara will be hosting and giving a special talk on CREATIVE PRODUCTIVITY. Read on to find out more...

What do we do at WRITING DAY?
We talk writing. We read about it. We live it. We drink it. We write. And write again. We meet other writers and we really connect on a creative level. Come be part of our growing creative community.

Who can join us:
- Non-writers who are interested in writing more
- Writers who have projects
- Screenwriters.
- Readers (we love you, please join us)
- The person who has written and loves it but maybe hasn't done it in a long time but knows they can and maybe this is a good chance to start (we're looking at you!)
- Creatives who want to try out some writing
- Those who are curious - can I write?

Just bring a notebook, a pen, and an easy-going attitude (if you're working on a project, go ahead and bring your laptop). You will be surrounded by like-minded writers from all over the city, at Aaliya's Books, a perfect place to get inspired with bottomless coffee refills!

Your host Nadia Tabbara will give an opening talk about creative productivity - or how to get your creative sh*t done. She'll touch on writers block - the truth and the mythology behind it. Keep in mind, we have amazing workshops, seminars, coaching sessions ... but WRITING DAY is not a structured class. It's an informal gathering and it's a lot of fun!

RSVP to attend Writing Day:
Date: Saturday 19 October
Time: 11:00pm - 1:30pm **come any time to meet us! Leave anytime you need to and stay tuned for the agenda of the day
Location: Aaliya's Books

****FADE IN: is a creative writing hub
Our trainers are professional writers for film, tv and novels
Our coaching method centers around creative practices & writing techniques and we coach writers every single day.

Questions, comments or jokes:
call or whatsapp 71 931 722
We’d love to hear from you!

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