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Exhibition and Parallax Events
November 9 – December 6, 2016

Wednesday November 9
Performances throughout the evening

On the occasion of the centennial celebrations of the radical avant-garde Dada movement, STATION presents an interdisciplinary exhibition featuring international and Lebanese artists who embody the creative, revolutionary and universal spirit of Dada. At a time when the Middle East finds itself in a predicament of violent upheaval as Europe endured during World War I, YALLA DADA will explore Dada’s artistic reach, contextual significance and potential for resonance in the region.

The exhibition creates a space to experience the continuing influence of the art and literary movement on contemporary artistic practice through existing, commissioned and in-situ creations. Through a month-long series of parallel events, Yalla Dada will also explore ways to stimulate a Dada impulse in the region.

In his essay entitled "Dada Lives," Richard Huelsenbeck predicted that "everywhere throughout the world where forces are at work to turn back the wheel of history, Dada will be hated. Therefore it is not difficult to predict a great future for Dada."

Artists: Régine Abadia , Ziad Abillama, Gheith Al-Amine, Bshara Atallah, Ayman Baalbaki, Giorgio Bassil, Belly of Paris, Yara Bou Nassar, Paed Conca, Aref El Rayess, Adel Fakhoury, Samir Khaddaj, The LP Company - Imagination Is Music, Elie Mouhanna, Wyssem Nochi, Adrian Notz, Augustin Rebetez feat Goupie Goupek, Walid Sadek, Anka Schmid, Tania-Tanbak Bakalian Safieddine, Miha Vipotnik, Pascal Zoghbi

Curated by Nabil Canaan | STATION


Wednesday, November 9
The Wedding, Yara Bou Nassar, Paed Conca, Bshara Atallah
Hadir & Dance of the Heavens, Gheith Al-Amine (texts by Adel Fakhoury)
Six Francs La Mezzanine, Goupi Goupek (Romain Berger, Stanslas Delarue)

Thursday, November 10
TALK | 8pm
Yala Yolo Talk Apero | Augustin Rebetez
Hear the story behind the massive "Krastakalatch" installation by Swiss artists Augustin Rebetez & Goupi Goupek.

Friday, November 11
Jogging | Hanane Hajj Ali
Hanane, a fifty-something year old Lebanese actress and citizen, exercises daily to avoid osteoporosis, obesity and depression. Alone on a bare stage she lifts the veil on her identity.
Extra performance for Zoukak Sidewalks.

Saturday, November 12
FILM | 8:30pm
Viva Dada | Régine Abadia
Produced by ARTE in 2016, this creative documentary takes a look at the Dada movement historically tracing its influence until today.

Saturday November 19

LP COMPANY | Laurent Schlittler & Patrick Claudet

WORKSHOP | 4-6pm
Be Quick, Don't Judge | LP Company
Free entrance, limited places. Register by emailing:

LP Company will convey the principles and issues of their creative method known as "IMAGINATION IS MUSIC". The workshop guides participants through a practical introduction to the method at the heart of The LP Collection. Participants interested in working with sound and photography are encouraged to attend this collaborative group exercise.

The LP Collection: Hidden Treasures of Underground Music | LP Company

Performance-conference based on projected images, music broadcasts and presentation of objects. Organically linked to the constantly archived lives of Laurent & Patrick, the conference-performance evolves over time, integrating new elements and live participation of musicians affiliated to the project.

LIVE | 10pm*
LP Collective: Charbel Haber, Fadi Tabbal, Jana Saleh, Liliane Chlela

Improvised Dada Jam by workshop participants and guest musicans.

*Tickets LL20,000 (gives entrance to both evening events)

Tuesday, November 22
TALK | 8pm
Cabaret Voltaire (Dada - Zürich) as Gesamtkunstwerk: The Art of the Upswing | Adrian Notz - Cabaret Voltaire, Saleh Barakat - gallerist, Catherine Hansen - art historian

Cabaret Voltaire as Gesamtkunstwerk: The Art of the Upswing | Adrian Notz - Cabaret Voltaire, Saleh Barakat - gallerist, Catherine Hansen - art historian
This panel will look into the future of the next 100 years of DADA influence.

Wednesday, November 23
TALK | 8pm
Dadaglobe Reconstructed | Catherine Hug - Kunsthaus Zurich
Joining us by skype, Catherine Hug talks about the lost Dada Anthology "Dadaglobe" just released at MoMA this summer.

Thursday, November 24
FILM | 8:30pm
Lumino Auro | Miha Vipotnik
Paradigmatic choice and image optical pattern for hyperphobic modern society with electro-acoustic composition for solo electronic harpiscord, female choir, three metal objects, percussion and electric double bass.

Friday, November 25
LIVE | 9pm
Belly of Paris (BH) | Baroque Rock
KŌZŌ 構造 (LB) | Post- Rock
DJ Set by Serge Yared
*Entrance 20,000 LL

Belly of Paris - a multinational 6-piece rock band based in Bahrain illuminates imagined characters and themes drawn from history and literature. It's a fatalistic album reflecting uncertain times driven by Nigo's bright brass and Prest’s scuzzy tones, marshalled by Sharma and Villarroel, crafted by Sharabi's soft soprano and Cochran's rich, world-weary baritone.

Saturday, November 26
WORKSHOP | 4-6pm
abcDada Collage
*register by emailing

Hands-on creative workshop to learn basic techniques of collage. “Take a newspaper, take scissors, choose an article, cut it out, then cut out each word, put them all in a bag, shake…” – Tristan Tzara

Collaborating Institutions:
Pro Helvetia / Swiss Arts Council, Saleh Barakat Gallery, Cabaret Voltaire (Dada - Zürich), Embassy of Switzerland in Lebanon / Ambassade de Suisse au Liban, Dada100.
With special thanks to Kunsthaus Zürich.

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