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The Health and Wellness Center is offering Yoga classes open for all levels every Tuesday from 5:30 pm till 7:00 pm.

Inspired by the Ashtanga yoga series of poses, we offer a 90 minutes yoga class which focuses on practicing different postures that yield a dynamic flow of movement called "Vinyasa" while using your breath to create harmony between the mental and physical channels of the body. Through this practice of breath-synchronized movements, you will shape up, tune in, and release stress simultaneously. The class is suitable for all fitness levels. We also offer yoga workshops, during which we provide an overview of yoga, meditation, and breathing techniques known as the "pranayama" along with their various benefits.​​

Health and Wellness Center at the Department of Family Medicine in American University of Beirut Medical Center
Hamra, Clemenceau Street, Sawwaf Building, Third Floor

15,000 LL for one session
50,000 LL for monthly membership

To register and pay, please contact us at 01-350000 ext. 8030 and pass by the Family Medicine Department, Cashier's office, Sawwaf Building, 3rd floor.