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Yogis Hiking Ammiq Natural Reserve with Ziad

Good day Yogis, nature and good vibes lovers 😎☀

Yoga with ziad and Brummana hiking group bhg invite you to experience the splendid beauty of Ammiq natural reserve.

The Ammiq Wetland (100 hectares) is the last significant wetland in Lebanon, a remnant of extensive marshes and lakes that once covered parts of the Beqaa Valley. This natural spot remains an important staging and wintering area for migratory water birds en route between Europe and Africa.

It will be an intermediate 12km hike mostly plains, enjoyable for the hole family.

We will be having our yoga practice by the lake in the heart of nature and we will be visiting some ancient ruins.

An experience not to be missed.

Breakfast stop on the way.

Meeting 1
Mc Donald's Sarba 7:30am sharp. Gasperi Genti Parking.

Meeting 2
Burger King (Furn El chebbak) near Alfa and Sagesse University 8:15am

Invite all your friends and love ones 😎❤️

Bring your yoga mats, water, snacks, lunch.
wear comfortable cloth, cap, hiking sheos

Fees: 35$ including transportation, Reserve entrance, guide and yoga practice.
(medical insurance not included)

For reservation Whatsapp 03595205 ✌🏼❤

Rusty our friendly dog 🐕 will be joining us 😊

Lots of love ✌🏼❤

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