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Your Personal Security on the Internet: Things to know and do
Workshop at I Have Learned Academy

Most of the people feel insecure on the Internet. From personal data to e-payments, they believe everything is risky or dangerous. To lower this fear index,

This important course provides basic explanations on how interactivity works on the Internet, how data is stored and used by web corporations. It also explains or debunks the biggest recent threats and provides easy-to-implement solutions to protect people, data and devices.

Learning Objectives

- Understand the basic principles of the Internet of today
- Protect personal identity and data with simple habits
- Control personal transactions, shopping or sharing data on the Internet
- Master basic setup of connections and devices

Target Audience
Connected people seeking for easy-to-understand, practical, non-judgmental and up-to-date advice to protect themselves on the Internet.

Main content
• The Internet infrastructure and the client / server interaction
• Where is your data?
• The business model of the Social Web: Accept or leave!
• The real threats and how to fight back!
• Basic little things to do to avoid trouble

About the Trainer: Stephane Bazan
For more than 20 years, Stéphane Bazan has worked at the heart of digital transformation for organizations (international, corporate, universities & public institutions), conceiving and deploying
digital strategies (in knowledge management, marketing, communication, media,...) with a clear focus on the knowledge acquisition process and its integration, along with its efficiency in user experience.
Knowledge & Learning Director at Keeward Group for more than 4 years, he developed several projects in digital interactions and mastery of knowledge for innovation. He is also the Coordinator for
the Web Science & Digital Economy Master’s Degree at St Joseph University in Beirut.
He holds a Master’s Degree in Information Sciences at Institut d’Etudes Politiques (Sciences Po), Paris.

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