Friends & Partners

For the largest impact possible, the Lebtivity team has been constantly on the lookout for wonderful people whose mission coincides with ours.

Our first contribution starts with feeding the Lebanese Ministry of Tourism's website with the thousands of events added to the Lebtivity database every year, thus highlighting the country's liveliness and beauty!

Main Partners who helped and supported us strategically.

From the moment an event is published on Lebtivity, it will make its way through the Internet to find its ultimate fans through one of the various formal or informal, digital, audio-visual, print, or human channels! In addition to all the awesome blogs and websites using the Lebtivity event box, here are some of our best friends who help us spread the word:

You can contact Lebtivity for special discounts and offers on any of the below services provided by our partners! With the wide range of services, we can help you create an even bigger buzz for your events with turbo-charged social media exposure! Ticketing, Catering, Taxi Rides, Live Streaming, Photo-booth and much more!

Throughout the project's lifetime we had the chance to meet a lot of incredible people doing such a great job organizing so many interesting events all year long. So here's a shout out to all the wonderful people we collaborate with all year long:

These fellow innovators have also embarked on the entrepreneurship journey. Together, we were able to give your events a special twist!

In a country that's in dire need of social responsibility, Lebtivity has supported more than 15 NGOs in promoting their action. We also have a special ongoing relationship with:

It's amazing how many cool initiatives are out there! Here are a few additional awesome people we've had the chance to collaborate with:

Do you have an interesting initiative and believe we should join forces? Don't hesitate to reach out!