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Are you outgoing, like to mingle and meet new people? Are you living abroad and planning your next summer vacation back home? Would you like to take your family out on a Sunday afternoon? Are you an art enthusiast or an outdoor adventurer or a night owl? A foodie or a professional looking to expand your skills and advance your career?

Lebtivity is the place for you to explore what is happening in the country; check out every event, activity, exhibition, or workshop, and plan what you want to do with your free time. Just head over to the homepage or any of your preferred categories, and have a look at the array of options that you can go to.

If you want to remain in control of the way events are proposed, keep them in check with the sort "by time" option. If you'd rather have a look at whatever's most trending, flip the switch and observe what the Lebtivity community has to suggest with the "by popularity" sorting.

To learn more about the advantages of using Lebtivity as your reference for events, head over to the Basics section in the support page.

If you can't wait to enjoy discovering the wondrous possibilities that this country has to offer, don't give it another thought and just click here to connect and start surfing!

Did you finish planning the coolest event ever? Are the venue and speakers for your seminar booked and ready? Are you looking for more exposure, for ways to let the online community know that they cannot miss this incredible opportunity?

Lebtivity is a crowdsourced social tool that enables you to easily create and submit your own events to a unified national database and automatically promote them on the ever more popular calendar-based website visited by more than a thousand person daily!

If you're a Facebook fan and have already created your event there, it's no problem. With one click, you can simply import all your event's data to Lebtivity. Make sure you got the right tags and you're done!

Are you already signed in? Just head [here] and upload your first event! For more info, check out our [support] section.

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