What kinds of events can I find on Lebtivity?

Lebtivity's aim is to become a platform for events of all sorts. For easier navigation, events can fall under one or more of Lebtivity's eight categories. If an event doesn't fit in any of the available categories it can be placed under "Other". Here's a small description to clarify each category:

  • Arts & Culture: theatrical performances, dance shows, stand-up comedies, debates, art exhibitions, book signings, art shows, cine-clubs, movie festivals.
  • Conferences & Workshops: seminars, conferences, workshops, training sessions.
  • Exhibitions: art exhibitions (photography, painting, sculpture, video, etc), job fairs, book fairs, art fairs, commercial and industrial exhibitions.
  • Family & Kids: "kermesse", circus, children's activities, theatre & children's plays, sports events, family or touristic outings.
  • Music: concerts, festivals, live bands, orchestras, musical events, DJs.
  • Nightlife: parties, karaoke, beach parties, thematic nights.
  • Sports & Outdoor: hiking, biking, rafting, paragliding, kayaking, yoga, pilates...

Is it safe to connect to Lebtivity using my Facebook account?

Lebtivity uses secure login by Facebook for quick and safe registration so you can personalize your calendar and use all of the advanced features.

Only your name and email will be accessed, they will only be used to improve your experience. They will never be made public or shared with anyone, and you will have full control on the amount and type of notifications that will be sent to your email.

Can I see all my picked events in one place?

To view all your picked events regardless of their location in the calendar, you can click on the blue button that says "Hey [Your Name]", and in the appearing menu, click on "My picked events". The page will display all your picked events so you can review or unpick them.

Are there any conditions to publish an event?

In order for an event to be validated and published on Lebtivity, it has to satisfy certain conditions, namely:

  • Several fields are mandatory to be able to submit your event: "Event Name", "When?", "Where?", and "Event Tags".
  • The event's content is also reviewed to ensure that it does not call to violence or contain sexually explicit content.
  • In order to avoid creating duplicate content, it is necessary to search for an event on Lebtivity to make sure it is not already posted.

Should I pay to post events?

Creating events on Lebtivity is - and will continue to be - absolutely free of charge! Lebtivity's social mission is to provide event organizers with the possibility to promote their events and share them with the online community in the easiest and cheapest way possible.

If I'm the event organizer and someone else added the event on Lebtivity, how can I update the event's information?

Since anyone can create events and submit them to Lebtivity, it may happen that an event was published by someone other than the person responsible for organizing the event. If you're the event organizer and want to manage the event on Lebtivity, simply let us know at info@lebtivity.com and we can transfer ownership of the event to you.