Meet the Lebtivity team!

It takes a wide variety of personalities, skills, and ideas to make Lebtivity the best crowdsourcing platform in Lebanon!

After its creation in 2012, and in addition to the vibrant community of hundreds of event creators that keep it alive, Lebtivity is currently powered by a core team of seven innovators.

Randa Farah
Content Management & Communications

A multi-tasker with a variety of interests ranging from Yoga to loud Rock Concerts, Randa truly embraces the concept of carpe diem!

A natural socializer, she will always make time to get to know you and introduce you to her main passion: Lebtivity!

George Zeenny
Navigation & Coordination

A true perfectionist (borderline OCD), you'd go to him for finances, project plans, text editing, or staff disputes. He also spends most of his time plotting to take over the world, one event at a time.

His more casual side, aka Joey, may be caught playing conga rhythms in social events... or on the office desk!

Alexandra Irani

Except for coding (at the moment), Alex can help out with just about anything! She is the invisible person that fills in for the rest of the team; at a PR event, behind a Facebook post, or between the lines in an email.

If you ask her to proofread your text, be sure you have the time to rewrite the whole thing!

Charbel Jamous
User Experience & Engagement

Labelled by some as a prodigy in the web design field, he is keen on making Lebtivity's users experience an unforgettable one.

Charbel is a designer and Creative Director with an emphasis on digital design and UX. In case you want to reward him for anything he has done, offer him a Good Beer!

Rana Abou Rjeily
Visual Identity & User Happiness

Visual communication and typography are her specialty, so are cooking, acting, and planning to go to London!

The Lebtivity brand is her doing, so are any banners you may encounter in the streets. Most probably, she is also the face behind sweet and informative replies you may get to your feedback.

Teddy Zeenny
Web Development

A web enthusiast and open source fanatic who was born into the incorrect era and planet. Teddy uses his beyond-his-time and out-of-this-world voodoo to make Lebtivity's flawless implementation seem like a piece of cake.

Oh, and don't you dare mention flash or Internet Explorer in front of him!

Rami Rizk
Web Development

Although Rami studied mechanical engineering, his true passion is web development! He is a video game fanatic and the person to turn to if you want to hear about the latest and funniest movies and youtube videos!

He's the only team member who cannot login to Lebtivity because he doesn't have a Facebook account!

Haya Farah

Haya energizes the office with her positive spirit and passion to change the world! If you've received one of her emails, you would've definitely been mesmerized by her exceptional modern Shakespearean style!

If your plans with Haya include food-related activities, make sure to revise her uniquely alternating nutritional agenda!

Joanna Zeenny
Graphic & Web Design

Always ready for a new adventure, Joanna lives life to the fullest. At the conclusion of her design degree, she joined the rest of the team in creating performant beauty by fueling Lebtivity's visual and digital designs.

In other news, at the time this brief was written, Joanna's hair was half-pink. Do you have a favorite color to suggest?

Dona Barakat

Our newest volunteer, Dona is our passe-partout giving a hand where she's most needed! Her passion for food, sports and life leads her to a different pub, restaurant and event where she loves to meet new people and socialize!

Diego Rizk
Cuteness Therapy

Newest addition to Lebtivity, Diego has gotten the entire team busy feeding, entertaining, and mostly cleaning up after him on the day of his first visit. Shortly after that, a steady increase was noted on the office happiness scale!

Still as cute as ever, this little pup is quickly turning into a playful teen, perfect companion for activity breaks :-)


Do you think you've got what it takes to be part of this awesome crew?

If so, don't hesitate to make your case by writing to and sending your resume along!